On the ripples of River Zuari..!!

Your desire to make your occasion a special one..
We know to make it the most special one for you.. therefore we desire to take you..

Cruise Blessing is the princess of river Zuari in Goa. This Double Decker luxury launch is built with ground level Air Conditioned deck and open air upstairs used for daily evening cruising over river Zuari with live entertainment programs performed by the best artists and entertainers across Goa.
The launch can accommodate approximately 170 people at a time.

There is a Bar Counter to quench your thirst, Fishing rods for leisure activity and many more to make your cruising a memorable one.

Cruise Blessing is available for special parties and other events on hourly charges. It’s a wonderful place to think about having Birthdays, Anniversaries, Conferences, Private Parties, Get-togethers, Mini Dance and Musical Events and other occasions, as you celebrate your most special moments while cruising in river Zuari.